Two Years Working in Canada but Being US Citizens

Our workplace has opportunities to work in offices of the company in other countries. For those who excel at certain things, such as IT, or are specialists, such as geologists, there are opportunities to live and work in Canada and other places. My wife and I were going to Canada for at least two years. We were excited and nervous about it at the same time. Our workplace offered free help from a company that does Canada US financial planning for those who were doing what we were doing. I guess there is more involved in living and working in another country than figuring out the money system to know when a price is too high to pay for something. I never even considered the taxes and converting the money to US dollars for our savings and retirement money.

The transition was a lot easier knowing the financial pitfalls to avoid. It really isn’t something you want to just learn as you go along. Having experts in your corner to help you with it is a good thing. We will have at least two years of Canadian income, and the taxes needed to be handled correctly. We are US citizens living and working in a foreign country earning our pay at a foreign currency level. Our rent, food, transportation and living expenses were all paid for in Canadian currency. Back at home our bank accounts converted our retirement and other savings and investment money into US dollars. Keeping track of it is an interesting experience.

We got permission to extend our stay if we like. We have been enjoying Canada quite a bit. Coming from the southern part of the US, the cold winters are a thing to reckon with, but we are young and doing fine with it. Sure makes one appreciate the summer months that much more.